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About Us

We are immigrants in a country we came to by a dream. Today we want to start this work «catering fresh on time». We want you to be part of this beautiful project. Well, this is not only a thought, but it compiles our experiences in this area for many years, working in movie and tv show productions. Our project is not only based on promises. Well, we speak with the heart and our best presentation will be the different dishes that we have been able to capture, produce and create within this area.

Our experience

Our experience

In the years of experience in our line of work, giving catering service, we have been able to serve in productions such as black list, gotham, following, fast and fourious, bull, winters tell, married me, and many more movies and tv shows. It has given us a clear idea of the privilege that allows us to participate and be able to serve a whole production team. We hope to have the opportunity to start a new project with you. Serving them and trying to make each day a pleasant day, respecting the biosafety rules. And above all responding to any initiative of yours, we are prepared to serve and prepare any dish at your request, vegetables, organic and glutem free.
We look forward to meeting, talking and being able to be a part of your projects, we look forward to your requirements. Our team is waiting and we are very grateful for your attention. «fresh on time» team