About us

Fresh on Time

We are immigrants in a country we came to by a dream. Today we want to start this work «catering fresh on time». We want you to be part of this beautiful project. Well, this is not only a thought, but it compiles our experiences in this area for many years, working in movie and tv show productions. Our project is not only based on promises. Well, we speak with the heart and our best presentation will be the different dishes that we have been able to capture, produce and create within this area.

Our goal is perhaps with our experience and a greater vision of our team of food professionals, to be able to offer you a better service and a wide variety of dishes. In this world that has already changed and respecting the new rules that this entails, achieving and directing a new system respecting all the biosecurity rules, we can reach our sponsors in a pleasant, helpful and cordial way. that in one way or another they are satisfied and grateful with the service we offer.

«Catering fresh on time» is not just a company, we are a family, a group of dreamers and adventurers that we hope to serve you and that this is not only in words, because our best satisfaction will be in being able to hear from you. your satisfaction and delight in our dishes

Well thank you for your time. We hope to serve you. Our team is very grateful and we only hope that you count on us.